Pleasant View Christian School was founded in 1983 by Pleasant View Baptist Church
during the pastorate of William Younger.  The school is an educational ministry of the
church; therefore, the church has the decision making authority of the school.  Charles
Hunt, graduate of Temple Baptist College, is the full time administrator of the school and
pastor of the church. Pleasant View Baptist Church is an autonomous organization under
the leadership of the Lord Jesus Christ.  The purpose of our church is the evangelization of
those under the influences of its ministry and the discipleship of those believing in Jesus

P.V.C.S. is an unique ministry of teaching that assists parents in educating their children
from the perspective of a theistic world view.  Our academic program offers a quality
education from kindergarten through the twelfth grade.  We use the Accelerated Christian
Education Curriculum which has been developed by Christian educators and is thoroughly
integrated with Biblical concepts and Christian teaching.  Also, the teachers are committed
to Jesus Christ.  The goal of P.V.C.S. is the same as the church.  However, its application,
in a practical sense, involves each student receiving a complete elementary and high school
education that is God honoring and lays a foundation for their further development in their
commitment to a Christ-exalting life.

Pleasant View Baptist Church and Christian School are growing ministries. Over the past
years our church membership has increased, as well as the enrollment of students in our
school. Our students are well received after graduation. We have graduates who have or
are now attending Georgetown College (one of which received a Christian Leadership
Scholarship), Northern Kentucky University (one of which received a Presidential
Scholarship), The College of Mt. St. Joseph, the University of Cincinnati, Temple Baptist
College, and several technical colleges. Our graduates have also been received in the armed
forces. One graduate was accepted in the Nuclear Engineering Program in the Navy. Others
are in the Army and Air Force. Our school was recognized in the June, 1997, issue of
Private School Administrator and also in the Saturday, May 12, 2007, edition of the
Enquirer (p. B5).

We have not sought state accreditation because our conviction is that education is the
responsibility of the home and church, not the state. KY Revised Statue (KRS 159.030)
recognizes the right of a student to attend a church regular day school in fulfillment of the
state's compulsory attendance law. We, according to KRS 159.030, sub section one,
subparagraph B, choose to make it the responsibility of the parent to notify the local board
of education of their children's attendance at P.V.C.S.

Because we have qualified for and continue to maintain Quality Status with A.C.E., we are
able to offer our graduates an accredited diploma through dual enrollment with Lighthouse
Christian Academy. To read more about the dual enrollment program or about Lighthouse,
please visit this link

It is the intent of the Pleasant View Christian School to provide an affordable quality
Christian education to all children whose parents wish the Christian training of the home
and church to be complemented in the school. The school provides an opportunity for
Christian young people to establish sound habits and attitudes— spiritually, mentally,
emotionally, and socially. Pleasant View Christian School does not intend to assume the
responsibility of the home in building young lives. The training of the child is the
cooperative responsibility of home, church, and school.

P.V.C.S. is under the sole direction of Pleasant View Baptist Church with the pastor being
ultimately responsible for the guidance and leadership of the staff, students, and operation
of the school.

The church, through the pastor's direction, has set aside faithful men, acting as the school
board, to assist the pastor in policy-making decisions and in the event of a dispute with a
parent. Meetings between the pastor and school board are closed unless otherwise

Our teachers are chosen for their natural and God-given talents and abilities and godly
Christian character. The ability to teach and train children, as proven by years of
experience rather than by a secular college degree, is the minimum requirement for all
"The fear of the Lord is the
beginning of wisdom: and the
knowledge of the holy is
understanding." Proverbs 9:10
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